Memorial Window

One of the most poignant and fascinating aspects of our church is the memorial window. This window is made of scraps of glass collected from ruined churches on the European battlefields by Reverend T.R. Davis, M.A.,B.D.,D.D., who served as a padre with the Canadian Army overseas while he was the minister of this congregation.

A) Brettville, France            (I) Katwyk, Holland                 (Q) Gouvix, France

(B) Rindern, Germany          (J) Duffelmarch, Ger.            (R) Lisieux, France

(C) Xanten, Germany           (K) Louisendorf, Ger.           (S) Bremen, Germany

(D) Frasselt, Germany          (L) Marienbaum, Ger.           (T) Gronigen, Holland

(E) Bertin, Germany              (M) Fontenay, France           (U) May-sur-Orne, France

(F) Cleve, Germany              (N) St. Andre-sur-Orne          (V) Norden

(G) Calcar, Germany            (O) Fleury-sur-Orne               (W) Ifs, France

(H) Arnhem, Holland             (P) May-sur-Orne                   (X) Caen, France