Stephen Ministries

One-to-One Christian Caregiving

Highlands United Church has been actively involved in the Stephen Ministries program for several years.  There are thousands of Stephen Ministry congregations worldwide, in more than 100 denominations.

In Stephen Ministry Congregations, lay caregivers, or Stephen Ministers, provide individual, one-to-one Christian care to those facing life challenges or crises in their lives.  Stephen Ministers reach out to the hospitalized or terminally ill, to those who are feeling alone due to a bereavement, divorce, separation, or relocation, and to others in need of support.

Stephen Ministries is a significant aspect of our Outreach Program, and provides spiritual growth within our congregation.  Our Stephen Ministers are chosen for their caring, commitment, and compassion, and undergo intensive training, to ensure that they are truly qualified for this important service.

Stephen Ministries Mission

The mission of Stephen Ministries is to help congregations equip God’s people for spiritual growth and Christ-centered, practical ministry in today’s world

If you would like to know more about Stephen Ministries in general, please visit their official website, at