What Baptism Means

Baptism is the mark of a new life in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. God assures us at baptism of:

Forgiveness of Sins

Sinless Himself, Jesus paid for our sins with His life. He did this so that all people will live as one according to God’s will. At baptism, the Holy Spirit makes us God’s own – and enables us to accept God’s forgiveness through repentance.

Victory Over Death

Jesus’ baptism was a kind of burial by water that foreshadowed his death on the cross. At our own baptism, each of us also dies with Christ, but Jesus conquered death. So his victory over death is our victory too.

New Birth

We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit at our baptism, and enter a new life, new family and new love based on Christ. Death and darkness are left behind. We become a part of God’s Kingdom.