Internal Ministries

Highlands has a variety of programs and ministries to meet our congregation’s spiritual needs. Whether you are looking for support, information, fellowship or guidance, we can give you a helping hand.
If you would like a specific prayer offered, please feel free to write out your prayer request and pop it in the box just outside the office, or send an email.
There are a variety of pamphlets available in the Narthex. These are free to borrow and, if you decide to keep them, please just drop a loonie into the box to meet printing costs.
The church also has a number of resources, including books and videos, available from our library. Please contact the office to find out more.
The memorial vase on the altar is to honor congregation members and their loved ones. If you would like to sponsor the flowers in the memorial vase, please contact the office.
Don’t let worries about your baby crying keep you out of church! We have a newly built “Shepherd’s Den” in the Sanctuary where you can take your child if you/they need some quiet time or privacy. You will still be able to see and hear the service.