Christmas Eve Services

Highlands United Church will be celebrating with two Christmas Eve Services.

The first is our regular Sunday morning service beginning at 10:30 am. This morning service will be more contemporary yet at its center will be the “Sacrament of Holy Communion”. We will gather around the manger and sing some of your favourite Christmas hymns. John will share a short message, which would be a Christmas miracle in and of itself. Ha! The birth took place in a stable, the shepherds hadn’t bathed in days, the animals were covered in sand and dust, so come dressed casually and let us bare our souls to the one who brings us the “Healing Touch”.

The second service is our very special Christmas Eve evening service, beginning at 7:30 pm. This evening promises to lift our hearts in praise as we assemble in the name of “The Light of the World”. You will be welcomed with the lively music of the band “The Three Wise Cracks”. Rumour has it a fourth “Wise Crack” will be arriving with his gifts in tow to add to this birthday celebration. It will be an evening of lessons and some of your favourite Christmas hymns. Camille Holland has agreed to join us once again. This tradition goes back to when Camille was in her elementary years right up until now as she has her Masters and performs professionally. She will open the formal hour of Worship and also share the truth “O Holy Night”. The choir will be directing our attention to Bethlehem with an anthem and Bell Canto will sing “Carol of the Bells”. This year, as an added touch, will be a couple of instrumental highlights with Stephen on the trumpet, Dominique on the saxophone and Wendy on the keyboard. Rev. Burrill will have a special message for the children. I wonder what he has up his sleeve? This is truly the favourite service of the year! Please invite family, friends and anyone who you think needs to have their load “Lightened”!!

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